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The Artist

I live and work in Wiltshire, which comes as some surprise, after having spent most of  my working life in Sussex. I now teach Latin and Classics at Westonbirt School, as well as still finding to time to spend on my artistic projects.

In my art I particularly specialise in architectural studies, though my output encompasses a wide range of varied subject-matter and media.

After studying French and German at St. Anne’s College, Oxford, I worked in Italy and travelled extensively throughout Europe. Much of my art is inspired by our built landscape, and this collection of works brings together a wide range of motifs and themes derived from European cultural heritage. More recent treks into remoter parts of the Pyrenees, the Alps and the Scottish Highlands, have brought other landscapes into my art, and led to explorations of very different forms and styles. Most recently, I have spent a great deal of time travelling in China and Tibet, which likewise have made an extraordinary impression on me and my art.

What unifies my work I often find difficult to say. I sense that above all there is an obsession with detail and pattern, which of course happens to play quite an important role in architecture and in my other passion, music. I am keen to bring back to art, even modern, abstract art, an attention to the inherent beauty in detail and proportion.

As well as the detail in my work I hope you will also find a deliberate deception, as as is the case with my writing, especially my Atlantis project, to the point where the lines between reality and invention are blurred. For instance, my maps of the English countryside certainly look like real places, until you examine them more closely.

I hope you enjoy exploring my work!

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