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Atlantis : Herenor


Many fascinating examples of the architecture of Herenor have come down to us; from great temples and palaces, to whole cities, these plans and diagrams give us a clear idea of how these ancient peoples lived and worked


The continent of Herenor has had a long and varied history. Click here to see the history of this ancient civilisation in maps

Atlantis, the lost continent of myths immemorial, was in fact the heartland of the ancient civilisation of Herenor, a culture which spanned and dominated the Atlantic Ocean for many thousands of years before the Egyptians and the Greeks. Here is just some of the evidence of its existence, its cities, its literature, its history, its landscapes.

The City of Altans

This is the ancient capital of the Hàhan, and the centre of their empires. Click here to explore the city in detail, and to read about its development


By far the richest legacy to have been handed down from this ancient culture is its literature. Click here to read the opening sections and chapters of some of the extraordinary works to have survived, ranging from their oldest scriptures to modernist novellas

Altans home


A wealth of knowledge has come down to us about the languages and alphabets of Herenor, and how they fit in with the early languages of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Maps Herenor Literature

The discovery

Click here to learn about the chance discovery  in Italy that has led to us unearthing the evidence of Herenor and to the deciphering of its languages.  

Discovery Herenor Architecture

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