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What have we discovered?

It is difficult to overestimate what has been unearthed in this extraordinary discovery. Along with diagrams, maps, illustrations and annals, the compiler of the book also included a wide variety of literature from his disappearing homeland, ranging from its earliest scriptures and holy texts, through evident classics from its canon, to the most recent works of near-contemporary literature. Below are three diagrams which outline the way in which the material is all organised:

click on each diagram to find out where each work fits into the history of Herenor

© Copyright Paul David Holland 2017

The first diagram represents the entire work, showing how it is divided first into Parts and then further into Books. Parts Five, Six and Seven, however, are then displayed in more detail in the second diagram, where a skeletal history of the Fourth and Fifth Ages and the first half of the Sixth is provided. The more complex events of the Third Epoch require a separate diagram, outlining the major developments right up to the end of Herenor.

In the second and third diagrams, underlined entries indicate the insertion of a work by a writer of the period. Illustrations are shown in italics.

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