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(written c. 1700)

The Song of Hyerreus is the definitive text at the heart of the Hyerrean religion. In this long poem is recounted the life of Hyerreus, who is called by God to change the way of the world.

Having left his holy precinct, where he had lived as a monk and scholar, Hyerreus has decided to enter the secret realm of Gamurron. His strength is tested as he passes through a number of gateways, but gradually he comes closer to his destination.

The Twelfth Gateway

The Twelfth Gateway was within this mighty Oak, and as Hyerreus climbed into its branches, and walked along its enormous boughs, he found a doorway, framed with jewels and icons, before which sat the Sage Geryther; and this Old Man said:

To enter this Gateway is to pass into the secret realm of the Gineldaou people, who long ago had set this Tree at the midst of their Faith; for within its trunk, where the visitor slips between the bark here, are images of the Sun and of the Moon, and of all the Stars. And all the Future too is herein shown, all the procession of the Planets and the Tides of the Universe; too much it was to bear for the Gineldaou, who could face no more the Knowledge of their own Deaths, so they disappeared long ago. But still the Tree holds its bright secrets, and is now Your Gateway into the Highest Reaches of the Hidden Realm. Are You Ready now to Enter, Hyerreus, Master of the Knowledge, and Child of the World?

Hyerreus answered: I Am Ready.

And He Crossed the Threshold of the Twelfth Gate out of the Bounds of Earth, into the spinning chambers within the Tree.

Here like gossamer trails in the airs above and around Him He Saw the Movements of the Sun and the Moon, and witnessed the Paths of the Stars until the End of Days. And He Wept for the World; for He Knew now what was His Task.

Down into the depths of the Tree Floats Hyerreus, and across unmeasured Time He Leaves far above Him the distant Planets and Stars, and Comes at length into the bottom-most pit of this lightless place. And as He Falls to the edges of His senses, He Hears the Voice of Geryther, who says:

You Have Lived for me, O Master; and for us all!

Then Hyerreus Knows that He Is Arrived at last at the End of His Journey.

The Thirteenth Gateway and the City

When He awakes, Hyerreus sees that the night sky above Him full of all the Orbs of Heaven’s Vault have retreated before the Light of the New Day. He Is now before the Gateway to the City, and on either side stand Giants who open wide with great heaves the portcullis and lower the drawbridge. Then they beckon Him to enter, and He Walks into the First Ward, and Is Greeted by the Lion Keepers and the Watchers on high, who cheer Him, and welcome Him to the City.

In the Second Ward are more crowds, and across the Inner Moat and through into the Bailey, Hyerreus is finally at the end of His long travail. He approaches the Great Hall, and all who open the great gates to Him cry:

Master, You Are Come to us at last! Welcome; Enter and Be at Peace!

Now the numbers of the cheering host are growing, and they throng about Hyerreus and bring Him to the steps of the Great Hall, which is festooned with the flags and drapes and banners of a holiday.

And He Enters even the Great Hall, where sits the mighty Oaken Throne of King Ferrixaer of old. But the Throne is empty, and all who welcome Hyerreus lead Him to the Throne, and invite Him to Sit upon it.

And here Hyerreus Sits, and He Is Acclaimed as The King of the Hidden Realm of Gamurron. And the whole of the throng is joyous with the news!

© Copyright Paul David Holland 2017